About Affiliations

US International Ballet (USIB), Wilmington School of Ballet (WSB), and Wilmington Ballet Company (WBC) are three distinct organizations with different missions. 


Although each is distinct, these arts institutions work together on joint projects. WSB and WBC have partnered on projects since 1999. USIB joined the affiliate network in 2016. Joint projects are the cornerstone of this network affiliation. 


To further illuminate the network, below is a definition of each organization.


 What is “US International Ballet?”


USIB has a two fold mission: health and innovation.


  • First, the USIB American trainee program promotes health in ballet by opening professional opportunities to dancers of diverse body types. 

  • Second, USIB creates twentieth century choreography combining ballet, technology, and visual effects with an intention of touring and changing the perception of ballet in the modern age.


USIB currently works with a number of agencies in addition to Wilmington Ballet Company, including Brunswick County Arts Council, Jacksonville Dance Theater (Jacksonville NC), Inspirations Dance Center (Southport, NC), and Justice Elite Dance Company (Morehead City NC). USIB intends to expand its partnerships globally.


Wilmington Ballet Company


Wilmington Ballet Company (WBC) is a non-profit outreach and production company committed to reaching diverse populations with the art of ballet and bringing professional calibre ballet to the Wilmington area. WBC organizes productions that include special needs participants, inner city participants, rural organizations, private schools, public schools, and many more. WBC hosts events at museums, libraries, cultural centers, theaters, outreach institutions, and schools. 


WBC has partnered with Wilmington School of Ballet (WSB) since 1999. WSB sponsors WBC by providing reduced rate studio space, storage space, administrative support, management support, volunteer support, and a consistent student corps de ballet.  WBC could not otherwise afford these services. In return, WBC provides WSB with exposure and goodwill to the community.


Prior to 2016, WBC hired professionals from regional companies including NC Dance Theater, Washington Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, and Nashville Ballet. HIring dancers from these companies was expensive and limited. Since opening in 2016, USIB has provided professionals for all of WBC productions, allowing WBC to expand its outreach and offerings to the Wilmington community.


Wilmington School of Ballet/US Ballet Institute


Wilmington School of Ballet (WSB)  is an educational institution founded in 1999. WSB has four primary divisions: preschool, elementary, high school (conservatory), and post high school/post college (vocational trainee) through US Ballet Institute.


WSB works with WBC in two productions annually at Cape Fear Community College's Wilson Center. WSB provides a rehearsed student corps to participate in the production. WSB also provides storage space, studio space, administrative support, and management support to the Wilmington Ballet Company. 


USIB utilizes the WSB studios in the morning when the school is not in operation.


US Ballet Institute (USBI)  is a vocational trainee career program that prepares dancers for a vocational profession in dance. Dancers are typically poorly prepared for an “after dance career”. USBI bridges this gap. Due to the strength of our network of affiliations, USBI is able to offer vocational trainees hands-on training and experience in three organizations simultaneously. Dancers learn the skills of a professional dancer, a studio manager, a dance educator, and an outreach manager. No where in the world offers this combination of practical career dance training.